Hi there, I'm kaili!

& I'm a jack of all trades. I studied graphic design in college, became obsessed with acrylic painting, and even recently picked up a new hobby for beautiful manicures. However what I'm most passionate about is packing up my Canon 6D and making memories last a LIFETIME with my clients. 




Eleven 03 photography offers a unique photography experience for families, individuals and organizations by providing the best portrait and event photography through customized packages each and every time. 




Using recent equipment and software to deliver the best photos for every story. 


Consultations to discuss visual ideas for your institution's visual ideas.


Direct line of communication, quick turn around time, and online galleries create the all around "best experience" for your needs. 



As a junior in high school I considered myself to be pretty crafty so on November 3 of 2009 (11/03/09) I put my craft to the test! I had a photoshoot with three friends and the photos went viral! So I had decided that 11-03-2009 was a day I would never forget! I graduated high school and headed to Raleigh to attend college and there I started the real journey of an artist. I loved everything about my craft but I hated the path that was always presented to me...I was told I'd work for a fortune 500 company designing flyers and book covers and blah blah blah. Well I needed to live a life with creative freedom! Lucky enough my institution (St. Augustine's University) believed in my potential and offered me my first full time job upon graduation. One year later I started to put in footwork of an entrepreneur and managed to get contracts with institutions like Meredith College. Talk about the BEST decision ever! Now here I am nine years later and telling myself there's more to do! There's more to see! So in 2020 I packed up everything I could and moved to Charlotte, NC. As of today I can say I'm living the dream! 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!"